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For Enquiries, Please Call us on +91-956-002-2222

AM Printex Solutions

AM Printex Solution is a professional digital fabric printing company located in Faridabad. We always use the latest digital technology for different types of fabrics and custom color matching. AM Printex specialized in cotton printing, linen printing, silk printing, satin printing, Pashmina and Woolen and pillow cover printing. We have latest technology machines for high quality digital printing surpassing 1000 meters of fabric per machine every day. We are always ready for bulk orders and provides high quality digital printing with time bound delivery to our clients. At AM Printex, we use reactive dye inks which are Azo free and conform to all international quality control standards. Our printing is done on Japanese machines using great quality inks and the entire process is eco-friendly. Our sustainable productions are combined with Azo Free inks that help you achieve environmentally and eco-friendly results with customised printed clothing. We offer a wide range of organic sustainable printed clothing, designed to be printed and personalised for all user. These products may cost a little more, but they feel nicer, and we don't compromise on the quality.

Digital fabric printing
was first introduced towards the early nineties as an efficient alternative to the traditional method of analog screen printing. It comprises printing colorants onto textiles using an ink-jet based method. This printing can be done on large reams and rolls of fabric or applied to smaller garments such as shawls, saris, etc (popularly referred to as a “direct to garment” mode). What makes digital fabric printing so sought after today is the fact that the whole printing process is highly time-efficient. Contrary to the earlier methods, there is no intermediary step of printing onto paper and then transferring the print on fabric. So there is no requirement of screens. Depending on the fabric being used, there may be a possible requirement of pre-treating the fabric to ensure that the color is more long-lasting and available in a larger range of shades.

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