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Pashmina and Woolen Shawl

A shawl is a charm for winter wear which helps you look fashionable and stylish. It is loosely wrapped around the shoulders. Shawls can go with every attire to keep us warm on a chilly winter evening. When it comes to comfort, the fabric is undisputable along with stylish and innovative designs available. Kashmiri Shawls like Pashmina Shawl and Woolen Shawls are famous and used worldwide. Nowadays, wearing shawls are popular amongst the young and elderly crowd.
Winter shawls are made using the finest fibers that are known to give warmth and luxury. Every season, we come up with new designs of wool shawl printing to keep up with the modern fashion trends. All the shawls designed by us come up with guarantee of quality fabric. A variety of shawls are manufactured and exported according to the requirements of the customers. Kashmir is the place where best shawls are woven. There are various types of Shawls available in the market.

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina name is derived from the Persian language which means "made from wool". Pashmina shawl is also known to pass through a wearable ring test for originality. It is also termed as "Luxury Shawl". It is also known as "Cashmere" in East. This type of wool shawl printing is created manually by an expert using the skin of Himalayan Mountain goat into the thread then it's hand woven into fabric Pashmina wool. Pashmina Shawl depends upon various factors like size, design, length etc.

Value of Pashmina Shawl are measured on three factors i.e., Purity, Fineness & Average length of yarn. One of the special quality about Pashmina Shawl is that it is made by pure material with no blend of cheaper material. Pashmina shawls is a great fit for evening wear, bridal, bridesmaids shawls and unique gift option. Many wool shawl exporters in India keep Pashmina Shawl in their collection due to its popularity in the country and Western Europe alike.

A mark of luxury and elegance, Pashmina Shawls have always been admired by the women all around the world. To wear a Pashmina Shawl is like to experience the royalty itself. Since time immemorial, Pashmina shawls have been adored for their fancy material and nostalgic designs. Only a woman can reveal the worth and fineness that Pashmina Shawls have. Pashmina wool printing is an exclusive art of the fascinating valley of Kashmir. The art of weaving Pashmina has been transferred as a legacy from one generation to another in the state. The warmth and softness offered by Kashmiri shawls is simply beyond imagination.

Woolen Shawl

Shawls are mostly produced in parts of Kashmir and it is likewise acquired from Persian word "Sal" which means woolen pieces of clothing. Woolen is a texture which is made of Sheep or Goat hair and its entire assembling process is known as "Sheep Shearing".

Woolen shawl enable us in warding off chilly weather and keeping our body warm. These woolen Kashmiri shawls are popular for its embroidery work. Woolen shawls are comfortable because their unique look differ from sweaters. Usually a shawl is known as a supreme clothing between sweaters and scarves, making it a perfect fashion outfit.

While many people love coats and cardigans in winters, nothing can beat the elegance of a woolen shawl. Embracing the cold with a stunning shawl is a different experience altogether. Ranging from a wide variety of size, colours and patterns, wool printing shawls are perfect for every occasion. Nowadays, designer shawls are also available which you can style up the way you want. Wearing a woolen shawl in winter is the best way to feel cozy and get saved from cold weather. Be it traditional, modern and designer, woolen shawls are available in ample designs to suit the taste and budget of everyone.

As I have said before, Kashmiri shawls whether Pashmina or Woolen are the perfect fashion accessory for the winter season.

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