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Shawl Printing

AM Printex is a premium brand that is engaged in Shawl manufacturing to cater to the modern fashion lifestyle of women and offers a variety of Shawls and Stoles. As a leading manufacturer of digital printing textile items, we bring to you shawl printing and stole in enchanting designs. You can always choose the one that goes well with contemporary taste. Recently, a range of trendy printed stoles has been introduced for women making it a wardrobe staple.

Started with a little variety of fashion clothing accessories for men, now we are a flourishing business engaged in manufacturing many other items other than shawls, scarves, and stoles. By making use of the cutting edge technology in manufacturing our clothing and providing a variety of stole printing designs, we have come a long way. In the Fashion world, the terms ‘stole’ and ‘shawl’ are used synonymously. Leaving even fashion-savvy people confused, these two accessories are different from each other. Each of them represents a unique piece of fabric that is created with a single or a blend of materials including cotton, silk or wool, etc. when it comes to stole manufacturing, we make sure to come with a huge variety of eye-catching designs, popular fabrics and trendy look to appeal fashion lovers.

Let us understand how they differ.

Shawls are a warm winter wardrobe staple for many Indian women for centuries. This fine piece of fabric is usually larger than a stole and shawl printing has come a long way. It can be found in various shapes, lengths, and materials. Usually woven using heavy materials, these can be 3 feet wide and 7 feet long. A typical shawl is big enough to be wrapped around the shoulders easily.

There are formal Shawls as well, which are woven with luxuriously rich fabrics like silk, Pashmina, or Cashmere. This type of shawls is perfect to be worn with a formal outfit. The difference in fabrication technique used in Shawl manufacturing further determines the texture of any shawl and makes it suitable for the weather. Shawls made using fabrics like linen and cotton can be easily worn in summers while woolen shawls are specifically meant for winters.

The term ‘stole’ is derived from the Roman word ‘stola’ which indicates a woman’s version of men’s toga. Though stoles and shawls are closely related still stole manufacturing is different. A stole is the lighter version of a formal shawl. It is usually narrow and made using fancy material to be paired along with formal attires.

Though it is not wide like a shawl yet it is long enough to be wrapped around the wearer’s body. Its size range can go up to 4 feet in width and 6 feet in length. Stole printing can be done on different lighter materials like silk, chiffon, or satin. Many celebrities have seen adorning this accessory during their appearance on red carpets of award events along with their luxurious gowns and dresses. These vibrant stoles can add a style touch to your outfits.

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