Velvet Printing

Ever wondered how many times have you entered your room and thought of giving it a makeover. But the budget comes in between and you drop the idea. Well, here is a quick fix to end your dilemma-velvet cushions. Bring home these beautiful pieces of home décor and give your living space an effortless makeover. Through velvet printing, you can weave a tale of luxury through comfort-giving. We at AM Printex, excel in textile printing and that’s why we are capable of accommodating any sort of customization. We let you visualize and go creative with printing because our capabilities have allowed us. Be it a collection of designer cushions or simply velvet cushions, you can get it all with us. You can find professionally curated fashion fabrics and get inspired for fabric printing. Our in-house fulfillment capabilities enable us to deliver on time no matter what quantity you are asking for.

Velvet printing requires accuracy of designs, print shades, and minute details and we take care of it all. We understand that with changing times, people spend more time at home and add their essentials. Not only women, but men are also equally enthusiastic about bringing a makeover to their personal space. Nowadays, working from home is the new trend and we all have learned to enjoy it. Though it requires extra efforts to make our homes more comfortable. Now, our home has become the safest haven that constantly needs an upgrade. Cushions require minimal effort and transform your luxury drawing settings. Available in myriad palettes of vibrant colors, these are perfect to adorn your living area easily by adding cushions to them. Besides velvet printing, we can do customization for you. For example, if you wish to write a message for gift purposes or want to use name initials, we can print it all for you. Nowadays, cushions are considered the best gifting option with a customized message printed on them.

velvet printing

When you use velvet cushions in your living area, it immediately uplifts the aura of the space and that is why it is the most recommended transformation. Cushions can be conveniently included in overall settings when you are planning a get-together. We make sure to take care of the quality fabric so that you can use them without worries for years. The best part about velvet printing is that it can bring a dull space alive without effort. The velvet fabric contains a shine and soft touch that makes it look attention-grabbing.

AM Printex is a well-known name in the textile printing industry. We have been serving clients for years who trust us for their bulk requirements. If you are also looking for any kind of fabric printing, you can rely on us. Our specialization lies in fabric printing and that’s why we can assure you with quality printing. Be it velvet printing, cotton printing, or silk printing, we can facilitate you as per your choices. Whether you are looking for designer fabrics or customized printing, we can also cater to it all.

Why Choose Us

  • We use Eco friendly colors which are Azo free inks
  • High-speed, reliable product delivery
  • Outstanding quality and
    sophisticated finishing
  • Cutting-edge technology and
    complete customization
  • Highest production capacity in
    the area
  • Wide spectrum job work from
    execution of bulk fabric to
    small orders