Advantage AM Printex

High-speed, reliable product delivery

The combination of our production volume, process structure and team efficiency is a formula that is guaranteed to give you utter peace of mind while placing your order with us. The turnaround time of each assignment is among the fastest in the current market and that is why, our high quality printing services in India are highly appreciated. A detailed framework for each step of the order ensures that there is no delay at any stage of the production and there’s seamless communication between our team and yours for a reliable output.

Outstanding quality and sophisticated finishing

Quality is at the heart of AM Printex. From our very first step in the process, the methodology and the infrastructure, you’ll find that it is evident everywhere. We use Eco friendly colors which are Azo free inks. We also make sure that the best inks are used and available in the market for achieving a practically unlimited range of colors and shades across fabrics. The product quality is also the par excellence in terms of the color fastness and perspiration fastness. The finishing of the printed fabric spells such elegance that in many cases, it looks like a ready consignment even before the washing & ironing process!

Cutting-edge technology and complete customization

Because we believe in delivering world-class products, each piece of equipment at our facility is of global standards. Designed to make the process shorter, more efficient and practically flawless, our machinery is an important factor in keeping us ahead of our peers. Our extensive industry expertise makes it possible for us to understand each individual assignment and offer the assurance of a tailor-made outcome. Give us a design, and we will paint your imagination onto the fabric of your choice using our outstanding printing services in India.

Highest production capacity in the area

Time is precious. To ensure that your assignments are delivered in the shortest possible timeline, our infrastructure is backed by a range of extremely high-capacity machinery. Our reactive printing division, where large reams of fabric need to be printed, alone is capable of producing up to 1000 meters of high-quality printed textile in a day. The sublimation printing segment, which is primarily for silk and polyester, can churn out customized prints of over 200 meters a day of fabric.

Wide spectrum job work from execution of bulk fabric to small orders

Size does not matter. In bulk or on a small scale, each order is given the utmost priority. The process undertaken in each is of equally stringent quality control methods. Since the technology used for different fabrics varies, we have the bandwidth to cover all arenas. Silk or polyester, cotton or linen-name it and we can print it for you. As a matter of fact, we can also undertake printing jobs on paper and deliver the same degree of finesse. Be it any type of printing services in India including sarees, shawls and stoles, everything is welcome and we would love to serve you.