Linen Printing

We offer best linen printing services to our clients by using latest technology machines and our experts. We ensure for better quality & mass production. We offer linen printing in different colors and designs as per the client’s requirement. Digital textile printing can reproduce many colors and shades on all types of fabrics. Linen is amongst the most favored textiles for personalized gifts, patchwork quilts, and even items such as embellishments on backpacks. Because of its durability, strength and breathability, it has been used across industries for a wide range of purposes, industrial, utilitarian as well as decorative and luxurious. Made from the flax plant, its significant advantae in strength over cogtton or silk is more than two or three times. Its natural off-white color lends itself very well to dyeing and is therefore a fabric of choice when a large spectrum of shades and hues are to be printed.

Although the fabric is prone to wrinkling, a flat iron press can easily correct this, whether in bulk or for a small garment. Linen is also an excellent choice for creating personalized photo-prints since it is a conducive fabric for inkjet printers owing to its open weave. Pre-treatment is generally recommended before linen printing for best results.

linen printing

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  • We use Eco friendly colors which are Azo free inks
  • High-speed, reliable product delivery
  • Outstanding quality and
    sophisticated finishing
  • Cutting-edge technology and
    complete customization
  • Highest production capacity in
    the area
  • Wide spectrum job work from
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