Lycra Printing

At Am Printex, we are adept at printing and producing brilliant results on lycra, which is a relatively difficult fabric to work with. Due to our use of the latest techniques in the industry, the quality of our printing is applauded by our customers.

Lycra is the most poular fabric for swim wear, and the methodologies we employ ensure vivid, lasting colors that do not fade even with repeated washes, exposure to chlorine and salts. The fact that lycra is more susceptible to stretching than other fabrics, is a point that is always taken into consideration.Our sophisticated equipment and processes allow the fabric to be treated gently during the printing cycle, so that undue strentching does not occur.

Our industry knowledge and expertise lend a great degree of flexibility to our projects, which is why we can cater to a broad spectrum of printing requirements on lycra. High-quality results coupled with a remarkable turnaround time in deliveries, are a matter of pride for us at AM Printex.

Why Choose Us

  • We use Eco friendly colors which are Azo free inks
  • High-speed, reliable product delivery
  • Outstanding quality and
    sophisticated finishing
  • Cutting-edge technology and
    complete customization
  • Highest production capacity in
    the area
  • Wide spectrum job work from
    execution of bulk fabric to
    small orders