Cotton Printing

Cotton, a natural fiber, is one of the most popular textiles throughout the world. Its breathability increases manifold its ability to absorb sweat, making it an immensely successful choice in the garment industry worldwide. In addition, the durability, wide receptivity to colors and shades, strength and adequate production enables large volumes of cotton fabric to be printed and used in far-reaching applications such as curtains and bedspreads, to clothes, apparels and accessories.

Cotton Printing can be carried out most effectively through the usage of two sorts of inks- reactive dye-based ink or pigment ink. The former is favored for pre-treated fabric with the help of processes such as steaming, washing and drying. The latter is the most effective for non-treated fabric using dry heat. Dye-based inks offer the advantage of providing a large gamut of colors and shades, contributing to a superlative finish and highly attractive appearance.

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