Silk Printing

Silk has long been considered the most luxurious of fabrics, thus nicknames the “queen of textiles”. Although China managed to contain the monopoly of producing silk for a long time, it was finally introduced to Europe around the 13th century and then spread to the rest of the world. Silk is widely appreciated not just for its rich appearance, but also for its smooth feel, insulating properties and natural strength. Since it yields itself well to dyes, it is available in a huge array of beautiful designs. Depending on the intended usage, the silk weave can be modified and is versatile enough to be crafted into everything from ties, scarves, shirts and saris to curtains, bedspreads and upholstery. In India, silk is the undisputed fabric of choice for traditional, elegant garments such as saris, shawls, stoles and kurtas. From traditional printing methods such as hand-block and tie & dye prints, to digital printing techniques, silk is open to all.

Why Choose Us

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