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Scarf Printing

If you love printed scarf then you can search our impressive line of beautiful scarfs online. At AM Printex, we are engaged in scarves manufacturing and design a whole beautiful collection of customized scarfs for you. We use 100% natural fabrics made from cotton, silk, and other material.

We use high-quality material to design these scarves and for shawl printing which are most popular among the young generation. It is a must-have accessory for college girls, teenagers, and ladies alike who use it to wear on different occasions to add comfort and style to their look. Our scarf printing range includes varied prints and eye-catching colours while ensuring the comfort of cloth. Girls like to flaunt these spectacular accessories which come in a great look. Adding style is what youth follows in fashion and hence scarfs are considered the most stylish accessories for girls. We ensure observing the following details during scarf printing.

Consider the Fabric

No matter which colour you like the most but when it comes to choosing a scarf, you would pay attention to the fabric first. And that is exactly what we do before scarf printing. We consider the fabric options available while ensuring that the chosen fabric should be comfortable and lightweight to carry easily.
Our printing is done on a variety of fabrics, various textures from cotton to silk, linen, wool, or voile. Besides, we also consider Semi-synthetic fabrics because we want to keep a variety of scarf printing for our users.

Determining the Style

The shape and size do matter and hence we also pay equal attention to custom scarf printing India. Regardless of your material choice, the next step you would like to consider is the shape ranging from square or rectangle scarfs. Both styles are equally popular because they are wearable as well as versatile.
If you wish to add something unique to your wardrobe or looking for something fun and yet fashionable. Design and pattern are important considerations and hence, we as a scarves exporter in India ensure that we have a variety of designs and appealing patterns to delight customers. Whether you want a scarf printing with bright colours or intricate patterns, we have it all for you.

Simplicity of Design

The next step to consider is the design complexity or simplicity. By complexity, we do not indicate any crucial aspect rather we refer to the number of colours to be used in your artwork. Hence, we as a reliable scarves exporter ensure that the design should incorporate gradients or solid colours. If you prefer a simple design made using solid colours like traditional scarf printing, it is also available with us.
In this style, we prepare a silkscreen for printing sections using the same colour. But, in today’s scenario silk screen printing is obsolete. With digital printing gaining popularity, most printed scarves are worn casually. It allows the use of multiple colours to produce the desired print.

Advantages of Scarf Printing

Choosing scarves manufacturing and custom printing can be beneficial in various ways. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Printing of scarves is considered more accurate. The design becomes more clear and much more vibrant.
  • Custom scarf printing India is quite trendy and is in great demand. Thus, printing on a scarf also allows you to personalise your piece of clothing.
  • The overall feel of scarf and shawl printing is far better than any other form. They are comfortable and suitable for any gender and age group.

Uses of Shawl Printing

The custom printed scarves are used widely for different reasons and occasions. Some possible use cases of scarfs can be:

  • To provide warmth
  • Fashion purposes
  • Used to show support for a particular club or sports team
  • Religious reasons
  • Protection from direct sunlight, etc

The Final Touch

Before making it ready for the clients, we as a reputed scarves exporter develop samples to ensure quality and print. Once we have specifications of what a custom scarf design will look like, we incorporate them all and start the process. It results in the desired pattern and beautiful look as desired by the customer. As any other scarves exporter in India, we take time to develop samples that are necessary for a quality outcome.
We require several details from clients who are looking for custom scarf printing like the basic fabric, design details, labels requirement, branding themes, etc. Once we receive the details, we as a scarves exporter start our process accordingly and work on every specification so that the ready product meets your expectations.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Can You Print On a Scarf?
Custom scarf printing in India can be done using two methods, Screen printing and digital printing. As the name suggests, in digital printing the working of designing the scarf is automated while screen printing is a bit on the manual side.

2) How Do You Design A Scarf?
Designing the scarf can be done to achieve custom scarf printing. As already mentioned, the design can be undertaken using the two methods. If the desired design is simple and requires solid lines & colour then the manual method can be used. Otherwise, for complex designs, digital printing is preferred for scarves manufacturing.

3) How Do You Screen Print A Scarf?
To screen print a scarf, pin all the sides of it. Place the screen over the desired area and then just print. Avoid any kind of smudging or paint spill during shawl printing.

4) Which Printing Is Used For Scarf Printing?
Both digital, as well as screen printing, can be used for scarf and shawl printing. The methods may vary due to the design required and comfort. Both of them are equally used in scarves manufacturing.

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