Satin Printing

The word “satin” was first used for a textile weave that added gloss to a fabric. In the recent years however, the word has been used more commonly for naming the type of fabric that results from this weave. Satin is a fabric that can be made either from cotton or silk. Polyester, rayon, nylon and acetate are also commonly used. If using cotton, it requires the long-fiber variety. The chemical structure of the fiber is altered by soaking it in sodium hydroxide and then rinsing it with a natural acid bath. The purpose is to make it lustrous. Smooth, glossy and rich, this fabric is a favored choice in luxury garments, bridal wear and even high quality marketing & promotional material. Digital textile printing on satin fabric using the right kind, process and quality of dye ink can produce a good range of shimmering results in beautiful colors and shades.

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