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Kafftan Printing

In our endeavor to bring you beautifully designed clothing, AM Printex presents you with a trendy collection of printed Kaftans. These trendy outfits are the best to beat the summer heat with their breezy and comfortable feel. The versatile collection needs to be added to your summer wardrobe. Find out these easy-to-carry printed kaftan in India that are beautifully designed as per the modern fashion trends.

Kaftan is an alternative to ‘robe’ or ‘tunic’, which finds its roots in the ancient era. It has been loved by several cultures in different parts of the world for many years. The free-flowing style of these beautifully printed kaftans finds a reference in Bohemian ideology as well. Originally, kaftans were meant to be as beachwear but now, these can be worn as casual attire. A perfect hot-weather garment, kaftans are a perfect pick for the summer season. These are available with a wide array of textures including cotton, silk, linen, wool, and voile. If you are looking for Kaftan printing services in India, you can request us for customization.

Find the Right Kaftan

If you wish to buy printed kaftans in India, here are few handy tips for you.

Pick the Large Size

The flowy nature of beautiful Kaftans indicates that it should be selected in a way that it must fall all over your body freely. It is recommended not to go for a tight-fitting one to style yourself appropriately. The loose-fitting kaftans should be your choice because it brings the comfort that you are looking forward to wearing them in the hot season.

Consider Skin Tone

If you want to wear them regularly, always pay attention to the colors and choose the ones that can complement your skin tone. Go for natural tones to grace the dress. However, picking bright colors will be a good idea if you are planning to wear them on vacation. With these amazing printed Kaftan in India, you can click some stunning pictures on a beach vacation as they provide amazing contrast with the seawater.

Right Fabric Choice

When it comes to fashion, one should consider the comfort factor. Choose the fabric that is soft on your skin like cotton & silk. Cotton kaftans are available at affordable prices. However, if you wish to experience class and comfort together, silk kaftans will be a better choice. You can request the desired Kaftan printing services in India.

Advantages of wearing Printed Kaftans

  • Kaftans have a motto of one size fits all and can be worn by females of all age groups, sizes and shape.
  • Printed kaftans can be customized as per your choice by seeking Kaftan Printing Services.
  • Printed kaftans come at an affordable price.
  • Kaftans can be worn all year round as they are designed to suit all seasons.
  • They are comfortable to wear and allow your skin to breathe free.
  • Printed kaftans are a stylish piece of clothing that comes in vibrant and peppy colours to match your style statement.
  • Kaftans can be easily paired up with accessories to up your style game.
  • There are endless options for kaftans available in the market. You can easily buy printed kaftan online In India and save one for every type of occasion.

Uses of Printed Kaftans

Kaftan Printing artists have showcased creativity and versatility by designing kaftans of various designs, shapes and sizes. Here we pen down a few uses of kaftans that will force you to build a kaftan collection in your wardrobe.

  • Kaftans are best suited for warm climates as it is a knee length dress that helps to beat the heat.
  • Kaftans can also be worn as an overdress.
  • Printed kaftans can also be used as a pregnancy dress as it is a light weighted dress and offers enough space to help the expecting mommies cover their baby bump.
  • It is a lightweight and loose garment that allows the women to have an easy-breezy feel while wearing them.
  • They can even be worn on beaches and take your beachwear fashion a step forward.
  • Kaftans can be worn for both formal and informal purposes.

FAQs for Kaftan Printing

Q1. Who should wear Kaftans?
Kaftan is one such outfit that suits girls and women of all body types. Kaftans can be easily sported by any woman irrespective of their shape and size.

Q2. Are Kaftans Flattering?
Yes, kaftans are a flattering piece of clothing and can easily grab eyeballs if you head out wearing a stylish selection. Kaftans are available in various kaftan Printing styles, and you should be wise enough to collect them all to get spoilt for choice.

Q3. Can fat people wear kaftans?
Yes, of course, fat people can wear kaftans. In fact, Kaftan printing is best suited for women of plus size because you can easily conceal any part of the body that you do not wish to accentuate.

Q4. What do you wear under a Kaftans?
Printed Kaftans in India come in various materials ranging from cotton to polyester, silk, etc. If you are wearing a cotton or heavy material kaftan, you are not required to wear a camisole underneath it. But if you are wearing a light-coloured or sheer printing kaftan, you can consider wearing a uniform or matching color camisole under the kaftan.

Q5. Is Kaftans dress in trend?
Yes, Kaftan Printing are highly trending these days due to the ease and comfort it offers besides being stylish wear to don for any type of occasion.

Q6. Where are kaftans worn?
Printed Kaftans in India are all the rage these days and are loved by women of all ages. Ranging from beaches to casual outings to parties, it can be worn anywhere. But you need to have a knack for choosing a Kaftan Printing style that can fit into the occasion or the place where you are going to doll yourself with a kaftan.

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