Polyester Printing

At AM Printex, we take pride in our capability to produce impressive results while printing on Polyester, which can be quite a challenging fabric to work with. The heat sensitivity of this material, unlike that of cotton, is quite a lot. When subjected to a high degree of heat, polyester shrinks, which is why the curing process assumes special significance in this case.

We ensure that the dryers used in the process maintain an optimum temperature conducive to the right set of results. Curing is generally carried out in the temperature range of 280-330 degrees F, and we're always vigilant about this. A common problem that is seen in the heat transfer process is that the dye used gets converted into a gaseous form. When this occurs, the resultant permeation in the ink translates into a deviation from the original shade of color to be produced. Our high-quality, eco-friendly dyes come with a high degree of protection from the "migration" phenomenon, meaning that color bleeding or change in the final shade isn't a problem that our customers ever have to grapple with. We're also mindful of never switching the equipment directly from cotton to polyester printing without proper re-configuartion customized for polyester.

Why Choose Us

  • We use Eco friendly colors which are Azo free inks
  • High-speed, reliable product delivery
  • Outstanding quality and
    sophisticated finishing
  • Cutting-edge technology and
    complete customization
  • Highest production capacity in
    the area
  • Wide spectrum job work from
    execution of bulk fabric to
    small orders