Velvet Cushions

If you love adding elements to your home décor, you cannot afford to skip cushions that come in a multitude of options. Velvet Cushions are in trend as they give your home a cozy feel. People who like to give their furniture a tasteful look can definitely bring home these cushions. Velvet comes as a blissful addition with its natural shine. Besides its cozy look, it also gives a sophisticated look to your space. This fabric is very popular because it can maximize any colour while highlighting its subtle nuances. However, you can choose the velvet cushion covers for their usefulness as well because they are never scratchy.

When it comes to your living area where the cushions are beautifully positioned on a sofa, they become irresistibly touchable. There is a variety of cushions available that add elegance to your living area. The colorful velvet cushions are safe to wash by hand and easy to maintain as well. These come in 3, 5, 7 pieces set as per your preferences. Even if you want to gift it to someone, you can easily buy them in pairs as well. These covers come with well-finished edges and are attentively stitched from all sides for an appealing look. If you want to keep square velvet cushions on your bed, you can go for the trendy look. Be it floral print, beaches or scenery, it goes well with the home décor. However, you can also get it in various sizes as per your choices. The popular sizes include 12x12inches, 16x16inches, and 24x24inches.

velvet cushions

Sometimes, people wonder whether these velvet cushions covers are durable because of their soft-to-touch look. But you can be sure about the velvet quality that you get from us at AM Printex. We take care of the quality and bring to you the most wonderfully designed custom velvet cushion because we use only high-quality velvet that is comfortable. These are appropriate for any sitting area including the chair, sofa, and bed. Besides assuring you of quality, we also facilitate you with a zipper closure type for easy use. Then there are luxurious cushions available with us that will make a great match with any kind of indoor furniture like a bed, sofa, couch, or armchair. Besides, you can also use it in an outdoor setting as well like a car and patio depending on your preferences.

At AM Printex, we also delight our clients with designer velvet cushions that come with vibrant printing. Even after washing, these do not lose their charm and look new. These cushions are backed with premium upholstery. Besides using them in your home, you can also gift them to your friends or family members on their special occasions. If you are looking for an effortless way to keep pace with the latest trends of the interior, cushions serve the purpose well. We can customize these cushions according to your preferences like size, covers, body pillows, and colors of course. With so huge variety of textures and sizes, you can experiment with the one that suits your style.

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